My name is Marcia but please call me Marce. 


I've studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts. Graduating with distinction and winning the graduate award at the end of my degree that saw me travel through Europe creating art and exploring the world for 2 years.

I've been working as an artist for about 25 years now. I've had 10 Solo Exhibitions and too many group shows to count.  I've won a number of awards which I'm grateful for but it's not what spurs me on to create more. 


I have always created from a young age, feeling deeply connected to my chosen subject of the human form since early high school.  My style and mediums are mood based and as such can often vary but what remains (I hope) is expression through mark making.  I love drawing true likeness in the human form but I also really love and strive to bring out all the emotional complexities that comes from being human. 

Mark making and energy or restraint through that mark making is really important to me and what I'm always working towards and it often takes priority over likeness for me.

Drawing in any medium is my preferred technique but I LOVE printmaking and majored in Printmaking, specifically Lithography at University.  For me it adds another layer of emotion energy to artwork. The tactile nature of it adds to the physical experience of creating.


Other than creating my own art work and being able to use that as a vehicle of expression I am most passionate about encouraging and supporting other people to be creative. I sponsor an art award for high school aged students, promoting and supporting art in regional Victoria.  I also do what I can to encourage and support the making of art for art sake.  To not aim for perfection but just to do it. I am looked for any way possible to promote this to people. 

Self Portrait - Charcoal on paper

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