new work in progress

Embrace Difference_Pen and Acrylic on paper_42x42 cm.jpg


A series of black and white pen drawings with geometric shapes. The Work explores pride, gender and identity, broadly and more specifically my own. Work being exhibited in Melbourne, March 2022

Pen and Ink drawing_41x57cm.jpg

Sketch Book - Lots of colour

Exploring bright colours and expressive mark making in preparation for future work


Sketch Book - Splash of Colour

Exploring black and white with splashes of colour. This work is a direct extension of the F-Stop Series and refinement of technique for future work.


The Gender Ending Story - COMING SOON

Portraits that document the lives of Transgender, Nonbinary and Gender Diverse people



I think you're on mute

2021 Exhibition at Art Gallery of Ballarat


365 Days of Crap

2019 Exhibition at Stockroom Gallery Melbourne

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Anything can happen if you let it

2013 Exhibition at Red Brick Gallery

other work

Vibing and Phasing.jpg

Selective Blindness

A series of black and white pencil drawings



A series of drawings and paintings of masculine figures with flowers. Challenging the masculine and feminine stereotypes and roles in society.

Marce King_Blue2_small.jpg

Misc Mixture

Drawings, paintings and prints. A collection of Marce's work that doesn't fit within a specific series or exhibition