Artist Statement

I have felt deeply connected to my chosen subject of the human form since early high school. Although my styles and mediums vary depending on the projects I'm working on, the central focus is always the physicality and emotions of people.


My style and mediums are mood and subject based and as such can vary, but what remains is expression through mark making. I enjoy drawing true likeness of the human form, but I also really love and strive to bring out all the emotional complexities that comes from being human. 

I make conscious decisions when creating, whether to include color or not.  In the moments where color is added, those colors are chosen to add depth, complexity and meaning to the piece.  In some of my most recent pieces, the colors used are symbolic of queer pride flags or colors that are stereotypically masculine and feminine e.g. pink and blue.

A strong aspect of my current artwork is exploring the lives of the LGBTIQ+ people and related communities. I strive to express the experiences, lives, and the emotional aspect of their personal journeys. I am Transgender and nonbinary so my art also reflects my own personal experience. My work expresses and challenges gender, identity, belonging, and the social constructs around binary identification.

Seeing the invisible.JPG