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Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Diverse Portrait Project

Currently calling for participants:

Please read below for additional information about this project, or dive straight in and push the join the project button to email me letting me know you're interested.

About me:

My name is Marce King.  I’m an Australian based, transgender, non-binary artist and I’m 43. I’ve transitioned late in life (last few years) but it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made and I feel more ‘me’ than ever before.  I’ve been creating art my whole life but I’m what I’d call an early to mid-career artist. So I’m not really well know yet or earn a lot from my art, but I do love what I do and I do work full time as an artist.  I draw and paint people and portraits in lots of different mediums.  This is not a scam, I’m a real, genuine person who will treat you, your stories and your images with the great respect.

You can see examples of my art work here:


You can ask me questions via DM through the above sites or by emailing me


What’s the project? 

A series of drawn or painted portraits of you, accompanied by your story or information about you.  These art works will be exhibited in Galleries, posted on social media and published in a book.


How long will it take?

I’m expecting it to take about a year to complete this project.

Why am I doing this project?  To celebrate Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender diverse individuals. Bring visibility to that community and basically a big statement of ‘we are here’. I hope that the art will be seen by many and the book will be read by many, your stories heard and understood.  I want you and the community at large to be celebrated and seen. I want it to be a raw, honest, vulnerable, strong, and proud representation of this community.


What’s in it for you:

The intangible:

  • You’ll be part of history.

  • It will be part of your legacy you leave on the world.

  • You’ll help educate people who need to be educated.

  • You’ll promote acceptance and understanding.

  • It’ll be fun to get your portrait drawn or painted 😊


The tangible:

As mentioned above, I’m an early career artist still trying to get my name known and my work out there so currently I can’t give much (sorry) but...

  • If chosen, you’ll receive a print of your portrait.

  • If chosen and the original artwork sells, you’ll be given 10% of the sale price.


What I need from you:

1. Nice clear photos of you, most importantly your face and eyes especially, need to be clear.

2. Your story (see the 'About you' section below)


Your Photos

Images of you at your most comfortable or euphoric OR you at your most dysphoric and uncomfortable.  Whatever best depicts you, how you are feeling, how you see your self OR how you want to be seen.

Please make sure the lighting is decent.  I can’t see your beautiful face if you’re sitting in the dark!


Some examples of the type of photo you might take:

  • Just a head shot, so from your shoulders up

  • A shot from the waste up

  • Full body

  • Clothed, whatever you feel good in, gym gear, street wear, club wear, office wear, pyjamas…whatevs

  • Non-clothed (this makes me sound like a perve. I promise I’m not; I’m just saying if an unclothed or partially unclothed shot makes you feel euphoric AF then go for it!! 😊

  • Sitting

  • Standing

  • Laying down

  • Looking straight at the camera

  • Looking away from the camera


*It would be ideal if your phone or camera wasn't in the shot e.g. mirror selfie but if that's the only way you can get the shot please keep it low and away from your face :)

When do you need to send the photos?

I need your photos and story by the end of September 2021. 


Where do I send my photos and story?

Please send photos and story to


Will everyone who submits photos and stories be included?

Unfortunately, not.  While I’d love to include everyone, if there are too many submissions, I might not have time to draw them all. Or if your photos aren’t clear enough, I won’t be able to drawn from them.


Will anyone else see or be given my photos?

NO.  A huge, NO. Only I will see the original photos.  They will not be published, shared or distributed anywhere without your explicit permission. But the painting or drawing of you will be seen by many and if I’ve done my job you will be recognisable in that artwork.

Your photo/s will be destroyed at the conclusion of the project.


About you:

Tell me about yourself so I can include that information alongside your portrait. This can be anything, as long or as short as you want it to be. 


If you are stumped or don’t know where to start, here are some suggestions of things that would be good to include if you are comfortable:

  • Your name

  • Your age

  • Where were you born

  • Where do you live now (just places not addresses)

  • What pronouns you use

  • How do you identify e.g. Transgender, Trans Masc, Trans Femme, non-binary, gender fluid etc

  • When did you realise your gender identity? (age)

  • Have you had gender affirming surgery? (Note: Having surgery does not make your identity more valid and is not required to identify outside of the binary, just a suggestion of what you could include in your story if you felt comfortable doing so)

  • Have you told your family or friends about how you identify?

  • If so what has their response been?

  • Are you ‘out’ at work?

  • Would you feel comfortable being ‘out’ at work?

  • What’s the best thing about being Transgender, Non-Binary, Gender Fluid etc?

  • What’s the worst thing?

  • Tell me anything else about your journey, what’s it been like, where are you now and how did you get there.


There are no right or wrong answers. There are no rules relating to how long you’ve identified outside the binary. Everyone and every story provided is valid.




Project in memory of Wil Taber.

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